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'Glenn cared so much for smoothfm and the station's listeners. He would arrive at work at 2am to craft the news in his own imitable style and was a trusted source of news for many years for millions of loyal listeners. 

Paul Jackson, NOVA Entertainment's Chief Programming & Marketing Officer said in statement on Friday: 'It is with a heavy heart that we at smoothfm have to share the devastating news that Glenn Daniel passed away peacefully in his sleep yesterday.

One of the main pros of joining music academy is to nurture your untapped talents and exposes to the world with memorable and remarkable live performance in front of the knowledgeable crowd and music foll

'He gave back so much to so many. Glenn's passing is a loss not just to our family but to the whole industry. 'When I listened to people speak at his book launch a while ago it was evident that he was so well respected and revered in this industry,' he said.

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Caruana's abuse wasn't confined to one area of the college: as a rugby coach, he held onto one 12-year-old's genitals while showing him how to pack a scrum; at a swimming carnival, he grabbed a year-seven boy's genitals underwater; and he attacked one 13-year-old repeatedly in a music band storage room.

In a fiery statement delivered in court in June, Britney had claimed that the conservatorship had forced her to get an intrauterine device (IUD) as birth control, and that she hadn't been able to have it removed so as to have a third child.

If you cancel your Amazon Music Unlimited subscription before six months, then the Disney promotion ends. After six months, Amazon and Disney will see the bundle as two separate entities, so if you want to cancel both subscriptions, you'll have to do it separately. And if you're already a subscriber, you're not eligible for this deal.


Learning the art of music and its instruments, you can get from piano school Singapore and unleashes musical talents' depth. Your musical performance and the live concert will be a memorable and unforgettable experience in your c

Catholic priest and former teacher Anthony William Peter Caruana is due to be sentenced on Friday in the NSW District Court for 26 offences committed against 12 young boys at Chevalier College in NSW's Southern Highlands in the 1980s.

Musical talents most of the people they do have and joining music classes bring the best of the talents and skills success There are many untapped talents everyone posses.
It is the individual skills set that have to nurture well to encourage their skills level and continue to progress their career on a high note.

There are many chances that beginners can grab and improve their versatility and inspired the young generation to keep the legacy continues to e s.

People who follow the music want some new thing to achieve, and piano and other instruments will give them that uniqueness in listening to musical instruments.


There are the maximum values for teach piano school Singapore and helps your initial challenges to improve your skill level and make a promising career that allows your musical journey to success.
Many piano artists set the bar on a high note with their incredible skills and knowledge about piano instruments. A piano artist can make everyone engage in their talents and receive positive and encouraging words to continually raise the bar and impress everyone at the co

Joining the music academy raises each learner's standards and polishes their musical talents to make sure they perform on the big stage with loads of self-confidence and abil y.

They get so much recognition and earned the name and stardom by performing some high-profile musical concert worldwide.

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It has excellent recognition and a common platform where anyone can showcase their real potential and promise to the worldwide audience and fan foll e.

There is a remarkable scope and vast career progression achieved by many seasoned musical artists who rose to the limelight after proved their talents to the world.

Once you know the nuances of skills, you have a basic idea and knowledge about keeping musical set up standards. Having learned the piano fundamental importance, you will have an excellent career progression and perform at the highest level. You can also bring your tremendous experience while performing stage performance in front of massive crowds that will be some fantastic adventure and suitable for the individual confidence bo